10 Steps on How to Self Help

how_to_self_helpMankind has developed so much of the problems that he seems to find no way out. The external ambiguities he has created now are reflecting the results on him adversely. Happiness seems far-fetched and confidence is lost behind the egoistic walls of animalism. We as humans have failed our own selves, because we are entangled in our cages. At every corner help centers have been built; asylums are being constructed only to help the poor mankind. What we have failed to realize that we are the ones who got us in these chains of self help depression and low self improvement and it is only is that can get us out of these shackles. How to self-help is the basic step everyone fighting a battle on their own should learn about. From self-improvement to self-help depression, there is practically nothing that you cannot do on your own. We must learn to fight our own battles because only then we are better able to come out of the trauma and low self-esteem issues that we have. Without having the urge and wave in your own self, how can you expect others to help you? Self confidence books are available take help from those and learn how to move in the society on your own. Nobody carries the weight of another. It is only you who has to dig deep and get yourself out of the buried nature of your problem.

It is a common saying and I couldn’t agree more. God helps those who help themselves. When the devil and all the hell is present inside you, why would you take some external assistance to help you go through with this. You know your mind, you know your body and you are the king of yourself, then why would a doctor’s prescription help you get better with tons of medicines. Recovering from traumas, depression and anxiety is not an easy task, that is admitted, but all you need to do on your part is to stay focused and start small with the objective. In the beginning smaller steps may be heavy to take so begin with a little at a time.

  1. Start building good relationships. Cultivate healthy relationships because people around you, give you an inspiration to live and laugh. Solitude only leads you to adverse consequence like suicidal tendencies and self-harm.
  2. Talk to your friends, your family and your colleagues. Engage yourself in little or minimalistic chats to stay focused. This keeps you from unnecessary thinking which at times a painful process is.
  3. You may not like talking to people as much as you need to but do it anyway, get involved in social activities. By bringing a smile to a wrecked face and heart brings a smile on your own face. Trust me with this, if you can make the other person laugh, a sudden wave of peace and happiness streams across your body which genuinely changes you from within.
  4. Surround yourself with pets, your favorite animals like dogs. Take them on a walk and learn the meaning of life from those who cannot speak like we do.
  5. Learn to appreciate the smaller details of life.
  6. When you are not surrounded by people, then turn on some good music and start dancing to the beats of it. Dancing on your own is a ticket to heaven; this activity just lifts your mood and helps you get rid of the problems you are caught up with.
  7. Most people just run away from exercising without knowing that this is probably the best self-help remedy to boost your mood, get you out of your troubles and depression.
  8. Give your body a little effort to do and trust me the end results are astonishingly promising.
  9. Other than these things, if you really need to think then do it, but do not get yourself trapped in the horizons of the past because that is only going to hurt you and bring no better than a few drops of tears.
  10. Begin with thinking out of the box, think of what you are good at and make that your passion, your hobby or your job. That will keep you distracted from all your worries.

All you need to understand is that it is okay to feel down at times, it is fine to be not perfect, nobody is. It is okay to be let down by people you care the most about. What’s not okay is to stick to your past and not allowing yourself to come out of it.